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Are you looking to enhance your productivity and well-being while working from home? In this blog post, we have collected small, affordable adjustments that can make a massive difference in your home office setup. From the placement of your desk and the surrounding furniture to the lighting, colors and air quality, every aspect plays a crucial role in optimizing your workspace. Get ready to transform your workspace and elevate your work-from-home experience to new heights.

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Open Source

We create open source software, and we love to contribute to projects we use. You can see all of them on GitHub.


A Ruby driver/client for the neo4j HTTP API.

It was built with performance in mind, to lower the JSON/HTTP API overhead (compared to the Bolt protocol (binary)) as much as possible.

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Generate a PDF from a given URL.

This tool is dedicated to the generation of a PDF file from a given URL in a highly customizable manner. It makes use of the Google Puppeteer API to utilize Chromium to fulfill the task.

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A reusable Grape JWT authentication concern.

This gem is dedicated to easily integrate a JWT authentication to your Grape API. The real authentication functionality must be provided by the user and this makes this gem highly flexible on the JWT verification level.

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Allows users to acknowledge unread messages.

This is a custom ejabberd module which allows users to implement things like the WhatsApp read message markers, notification streams with the ability to mark a single notification as read, etc.

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About Us

At HAUSGOLD we connect property owners with real estate agents in the simplest possible way. As the IT/Product team we aim to build the best CRM for the real estate market.

We enable estate agents to shift their businesses into the online world in order to be even more flexible and efficient. With our CRM he can manage multiple properties within one system using his smartphone or just a simple browser. That's why it is possible to handle leads with ease - no matter where he is. He can even collaborate with co-workers on a single property.

Likewise HAUSGOLD helps property owners to sell their property in the simplest possible way. First, the owner can order a free property valuation which gives information about the properties' value. Afterwards he can choose if HAUSGOLD should help them to sell their property professionally. For this HAUSGOLD collaborates with a huge real estate agent network all over the DACH region.

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We're hiring

  • Software Engineer (m/w/d) Ruby

    Permanent position, full time · Remote or Hamburg

  • (Senior) Frontend Developer (m/w/d)

    Permanent position, full time · Remote or Hamburg

  • Senior Product Designer (m/w/d)

    Permanent position, full time · Hamburg

Our benefits

Working at HAUSGOLD means freedom for creativity.

Flexible working hours

No matter if you are a late rise or an early bird: At HAUSGOLD you can organize your day as flexible as you like.

Work remotely

You can do everything at home that you can do in the office. It's up to you where you want to work.

Agile development

Regular feedback and a strong focus on users - That's why we love agile development and scrum!

Operating System of Choice

We care about your well-being and preferences that's why you can work on your favourite operating of choice.

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Lynda Fahjen | HR Manager
Lynda Fahjen
HR Manager

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